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Interacting with Offshore Entities via Private Contracts

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We live in a society ruled by paper – paper money, deeds, titles, paper marriages, written contracts and agreements, and even birth and death certificates. Be it a house, car, or marriage, it is paper, not physical possession, use or association, that conveys and denotes ownership and/or legal standing.

Those who have investigated the utilization of trusts, domestic or foreign, understand that their value is derived from the relinquishment of legal ownership of assets to the trustee. However, to truly surrender ownership of an asset, one must relinquish all paper relevant thereto. Less well understood about structuring trust arrangements – perhaps because the reluctance to totally give up control is deeply implanted – is that additional benefits can be realized by relinquishing all beneficial interest, that is, the certificate of beneficial interest, capital unit certificate, or beneficiary designation absent actual certificates, as well as all Trusteeship. Further inquiry into this general idea reveals that the significance of the form of the legal structure recedes, and non-trust entities are a perfectly viable vehicle for accomplishing true asset protection.

Ownership on paper is legally deemed to be ownership of the thing itself, as evidenced by IRS grantor trust rules, wherein any “U.S. person” that is the grantor of a foreign trust with U.S. beneficiaries is taxed on all income of said trust as if it were his or her own.

The question then, arises: If one conveys an asset to a legal structure and at the same time retains no legal control (is not a trust Trustee or Protector, IBC manager, etc.), nor retains any equitable interest in the asset (trust Beneficiary, shareholder, etc.), how does one benefit?

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